Stylish and trendy baby boy clothes

Babies require a number of clothing. As the weather changes their clothing should also vary accordingly as their body needs protection from the change in temperature. Parents should have all types of clothing for all seasons and occasions. There are different styles and types of baby clothing available to make your baby look fab. Normally clothes for baby boys and baby girls are almost the same.

Tips on choosing baby boy clothes

 Lightweight material: Always select light weight clothing for your baby. Vest, Rompers etc. with soft fabric should be used to dress your baby. They are ideal for the summer season when it is hot. They keep the baby cool and ventilated. They can also be easily carried in baby bag when travelling.

 Accessible clothing: The clothes should provide easy access to the baby’s diaper. Since baby’s diaper needs change oftently clothing should be choose wisely. Also it should go over the baby easily. They should be easy to put on and off.

 Comfortable: If the baby is not comfortable in his clothes he will remain unrest and cranky. Clothes should not irritate the baby instead should provide softness and comfort to them so that they remain happy and joyful.

 Easy to wash: Babies clothes get dirty and stained easily. Hence it is necessary to select clothes that are easy to wash. Always check when buying the clothes whether they can be hand washed or requires machine wash and then select accordingly.

 Bigger clothes: Babies grow very fast; hence it is advisable to buy clothes of bigger size. During the end season sale one can take advantage and stock bigger size clothes for the baby.

Types of baby boy clothes

• Sleepwear – Sleepers, night gowns, pajama sets, swaddlers

• One- pieces – Bodysuits, overalls, rompers,

• Bottoms – Cargo pants, jeans, sports shorts, sweat pants

• Tops- Sweaters, T-shirts, collared shirts, button down shirts, tank tops, vests

• Outerwear – Jackets, vests, jersey, sweaters, hoodies, snow pants

• Swimwear – trunks, wetsuits, swimsuits

• Underwear – Briefs, boxers, one-pieces

• Accessories- Hats, caps, socks, shoes, booties, scarves, mittens

Colors and styles of clothing for baby boys

Parents prefer pink color for girls and blue color for boys. Colors like blue, red and brown can be associated with boys. Boys clothing comes in darker shades while that of girls are available in cool light shades like pink, purple, yellow, orange etc. Also some designs like flowers, fairy, doll etc. are common in girl’s clothing. Trains, ships, animals, super hero cartoons etc. are appropriate for boys.

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