Range of Kid’s Camera for all Age groups

Who doesn’t love cameras? The ability to click pictures of the perfect moment gives you inner satisfaction of presenting yourself as a photographer. Kids are no exception to photography. Kids like to imitate from the adults. Since we all love photography, kids are naturally too inclined towards such passion. They might not see photography as a passion or career but certainly loves the concept. Does it mean that you should hand over your expensive cameras to kids for their fun? It will be a fool’s mistake to hand over such high tech gadget in kids hands. Kids are known to be rough and nobody can blame them, it is their age.

Cameras for Kids

Kid’s cameras are different from adults as they cannot understand the complex functionalities of high end gadgets. What kids need is a simple point and shoot camera which does the job. It is more of a fun for the kids to shoot the pictures. There are varieties of cameras available in the market specifically designed for kids of all age groups. Since it is the age of tech, cameras are none too far from the grip of kids. They understand the basic concept of camera. You might have seen your kids clicking the pictures from your smartphone.

Cameras for Different Age Groups

Playskool Cam is available in the market which is light in weight and can click the pictures. Ideally designed for kids of 3-7 years old, it does the job. VTech Kidzizoom twist is a camera for age group of 3-9 years old with huge handles on the side to make it easier for kids to hold and click pictures. Then there is a Lego Camera which is suited for kids of all age groups who loves Lego. Bigshot camera is meant as educational tool which help kids in improving their skills. There are many other options available depending on the different age groups.


Since the kids love the concept of clicking pictures, it is ideal for the parents to give them cameras but care must be taken that camera should not be expensive. It should be durable and light in weight as kids tends to play it rough and expensive stuff might damage the camera in no time.

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