Booties for Little Ones

Once your little child starts taking their first steps, they would need a pair of cute shoes. Socks, booties, baby shoes are required to cover the baby’s naked skin and give them the warmth. Supportive shoes also help them learn walking easily and better.

Type of Baby shoes

Baby shoes come in a variety of designs, sizes, and colors. Socks and booties are enough to keep a newborn baby or infants warm and protect them when they start moving. Once she starts to stand and walk, a thicker souled shoe would be necessary. Baby shoes can be made out of canvas, thick cloth or leather. Rubber and plastic shoes are also available. Anti-skid shoes are preferred.

How to buy a pair of perfect baby shoes

First of all, know why you are buying a shoe. For infants who are young, booties or socks are preferred. If buying to dress up for an occasion, choose one which is light and soft. Do not buy a synthetic material shoe like rubber or plastic. Babies legs perspire and synthetic materials do not let enough air. Cloth, leather or canvas shoes perform much better in this aspect. Make sure the shoes are of right size. When buying shoe for first time, make sure that her feet size is measured. There should be sufficient space left for movement. At the same time, make sure it is fastened neat to avoid slipping. Avoid high fashion, trendy shoes at early age. Keep them simple till the baby can take firm steps confidently for some weeks.

Things to remember

While choosing shoe, look for a one which is made of soft, light and breathable materials. Check that the shoe should be flexible and soft to bend. Make sure there is enough room for baby’s toe and shoe, for she is still growing. Check its operations. One which is easier to put on and take off is better. Keep checking baby legs and skin for any rashes, red spots or marks. If you spot any, time to replace the uncomfortable ones. It is advisable to avoid used shoes.

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