Teaching something to the kids is the most difficult task. It requires so much patience. It is a matter of fact that kids learn something at a bit lower rate. That’s why special attention is given to the kids and they are taught in different ways so that it is easy for the kid to understand the basic concepts of each and every thing.
Mathematics is a subject that is hated by the kids, either kid will love it or he will hate it, there is no way between. There is no way between. One of the important topics of mathematics is fraction. Fraction is an easy topic but it is not easy for the kids. You need to work hard to make sure that your kid understands the basic concepts of fractions quickly.

There are many ways by which you can teach fraction to your kid. You must know that if you going to teach him with simple pencil and a paper, it will take so much time for him to learn as he will not take any interest in it. But, if you do something interesting, he will learn very quickly as he will take interest in it.

Pizza and fruit:

This is an easy technique to teach fraction to your kids. What you need is a pizza or a fruit. Place it in front of your kid and tell him that he will get a piece every time he answers correctly. Cut the pizza into pieces and tell him that it is ½ and then ¼ etc. In this way the child will learn more quickly.

fractions-for-kids-3 TEACHING FRACTION TO YOUR KID


You can make use of the pictures to teach him as well. Get some pictures and cover a specific part and ask him what fraction is this.

Fraction games:

Fraction games are also a nice option. You can play this game on a paper. Many of the online fraction games are also available. These games will keep him excited at he will learn quickly. Competitions are held at regular intervals on the gaming websites which help your kid to learn quickly.


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