We all know that children love listening to music. They enjoy music and they will do anything for that. They will snatch your phone and play their favorite songs or they will play them on the TV. Child feel really disappointed when you turn off the TV or take back the phone. In such a situation it would be best for you to gift a CD player to your kid. The CD player will be used only by him and it will allow him to enjoy his favorite music without sharing it with the rest of your family. It also gives them an opportunity to enjoy their favorite music wherever they want.

CD players are available many different types and styles. Some of them are suitable for smaller kids while rest of them for elder kids. Some of them are perfect for teenagers that want high quality and different formats. So, the first thing you need to know is the age of your kid and choose a CD player accordingly. There are several other factors that play an important role in selection of a specific CD player. The major things include budget and how your kid is going to use it. You need to bit of pre-planning before going for any specific CD player.

Types of CD players:

Boom Box:

Boom Box is relatively a large CD player. It is not that much large though. You can easily carry it from one room to the other. It is portable and most of them come with a handle. They also have a radio and it is a cool choice.

CD/MP3 player:

It is a combo. It has a CD player and a port for MP3. It is the best option for kids from 8 to 12 years of age. This allows your kid to enjoy music in different formats.


A stereo CD player, also known as Hi-Fi is a perfect choice for elder kids. It has many additional features such as CD recorder, rewriteable and many others. It is loved by the teenagers.
Childrens Cd Player

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