All of the children are not lucky to spend their childhood with joy and comfort. There can be several reasons for that. God forbid if your parents pass away in your early childhood, if someone finds you in garbage at the road side etc etc. In such cases most of the babies are sent to charity homes.

Most of the people help these kids by making charities, spending time with them or by sending gifts.

There are many organizations working for this cause. Some of them work the best while some of them are not working as they should have done may be because of the lack of money or improper usage of the money. Few of the charity houses spend too much money on advertising. I will tell you about few of the most hardworking children charities.

Share our strength:

Share our strength is one of the most hardworking charity and it supports food banks and is working on the reasons of hunger and is struggling to address root causes of hunger. It helps poor children and provides them with the necessary food. People should give money to such charities.

SOS children village:

SOS children village is one of the most popular children charities and is working in more than 131 countries at present. The charity provided homes to more than 52000. The organization has been named as village because their primary goal is to make each village a community. SOS is by far the most hardworking and the most reliable charity organization.

I had a dream foundation:

I had a dream foundation is working on the education of the children and is working in more than 64 cities in United States. Currently the organization is working on more than 170 projects and is a source of providing quality education to more than 13500 students.

Doctors of the world:

Doctors of the world are providing medical facilities to the children. They also provide prenatal care for pregnant women. It is currently working in more than 20 countries.

You must make charity. You are lucky enough. Just think it could be you who is living in the streets. God has given you. Give some to the needy ones.


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