Setting the stage up

Baby shower parties are undoubtedly one of the most memorable days for the mom-to-be. Baby showers are parties for soon to be mother to have fun, celebrate and cherish the good times and set ready to welcome the new member to family. Baby shower party decorations can be traditional, simple flower based decorations to creative outdoor theme based decorations. If you are little creative, there is no end to list of great ideas for decorating a baby shower.

Decorating for baby shower

Baby showers are organized by female friends or family members of mother to be. Organizing party can be such a fun too. Decorating for the occasion is heart of it. When decorating for baby shower, keep in mind that focus is on mother to be or the baby bump. Goal should be to decorate for a party that is unforgettable for everyone who will be calling by. Decorate based on themes and location. Let it be simple and adorable.

Themes based decoration ideas

Baby shower parties can be little adventures if they are decorated based on themes. Before planning for decorations, decide on a theme. Themes can be fun and unconventional like a jungle theme, Hollywood theme or Go green themes. Decorations can be based on themes that are chosen.

Guide for perfect decorations

First step to organize a perfect party is to plan in advance. As said, decide a theme which is critical to set decoration ideas clicking. Pick a color scheme that suits the party theme. Choosing a color scheme will help in focusing on decoration items like clothes, flowers, napkins, cakes, candles,
balloons in a single color shade. Keep in mind location. Green color scheme can go well with outdoor picnic themes and pink can go well with all pink themes. Plan for all decorating items like gifts, favors, balloons, cakes and games. If you are creative make props yourself. Decorate the outside to welcome guests with a picket sign. Use lot of balloons and banners. Decorate the ceilings and walls with streamers. Decorate the table and mother-to-be’s chair with candles, flowers ribbons and streamers. Finally, set the atmosphere right by playing a light music and using light scented air fresheners.

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