Designing A Nursery

One of the most important things to prepare before the arrival of a new member in the family, is the nursery. This is the place where you and your baby will be spending the maximum amount of time. So you want it to be a happy place, and more importantly functional. We can divide the requirement of a nursery into essential and not so essential. For e.g. a baby crib is an essential; whereas wall décor is not so. But if having some fun wall décor in the nursery will make you and your baby smile then it is definitely worth it. Let us discuss some of the things you should consider while designing the nursery.

baby-room-2 Designing A Nursery
Baby Room – 2

The Crib

This is undoubtedly the most essential part of the room. While choosing a crib make sure it adheres to all the safety guidelines. A crib should ideally have a firm, well fitted mattress, wall high enough on all four sides so that the baby cannot fall out of it, vertical bars to prevent it from climbing out. The mattress should also be of a material which is washable and changeable.

A Changing Table

If the room you are planning to convert into a nursery is big enough, then making a changing table would be a good idea. There will be countless diaper changes in a day and to have a place, housing all the essentials, designated to it, will make life way easier. It would be a good idea to design the table in such a way, that once the baby is big this could double as a book case or toy rack etc.

baby-room-3 Designing A Nursery
Baby Room – 3

An Arm Chair

I cannot stress enough on the importance of having a comfortable nursery chair in the nursery. This is where you’ll be sitting and nursing your child at all odd hours of the day and night. This is where you’ll be rocking her/him to sleep or playing with her/him. Make sure your chair has a comfortable headrest and armrest for the times when he/she dozes off and you’re too afraid to move till she/he is in deep sleep. It will be good to be able to comfortably nap there yourself sometimes.


Finally, the last essential, there should be enough space for all the toys and an efficiently designed closet for the baby’s clothes. On a difficult day, an organized closet will be a blessing.
Happy Decorating!

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