Furniture and Accessories for Babies

Large part of bringing up babies is all about feeding them, keeping them entertained and carrying them around. Today parents have lot of innovative and new baby gears which helps them in this

Type of Baby Gears

Baby gears are mostly used for travelling with kids or entertainment. Travelling gears can be baby carriers, carry cots. They are used to take around babies for short distance like a stroll along park or city square on a holiday. Carriers can be those carried by hand or kangaroo style wearable belts. Strollers and prams are used for ease of carrying around. Baby car seats and accessories are must have safety equipment while travelling in car with baby on board. Car seats can be forward facing, or back facing. Convertible car seats are also available. In addition, some prefer to use signboards for cars.

Baby walkers are used when babies try to take their first step. Walkers further can be Activity walker, musical walkers or even a walker with play tray. Babies probably start playing first with bouncers, rockers and swings. Baby swings are very useful right from early days. Rockers are used by toddlers. As they grow, babies start playing with tricycles and ride-ons. Ride-ons can be manual pulled or battery operated ones. Toddlers can play with scooters. Furniture like high chairs and booster chairs are essential during dining together.

A word before you buy

Baby prams and carriages give you the space you need. Newborns will need a carriage to lie down flat and face you. Toddlers can sit upright. Strollers need to have space for storage. In carriers, use facing in position carriers for newborns. Hip carry position is comfortable for both.


Baby safety is very important for every parent. Hence before buying baby gears, one has to think of safety first. Car seats reduce risk of death by 71% in case of infants. While car sears for kids may not be a compulsion in many places, in US it is a rule to use one. Rear facing seats should be used for infants and newborns.


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