Indoor rainy day activities for children

The outdoor and indoor activities and games develop and challenge your kid’s imagination, creativity, social skills and thinking skills. There are so many activities for all age groups of kids.

Activities for kids in the rainy days- indoor activities

There is nothing to worry if a bad weather is keeping your kid inside the house. These activities especially during the rainy days will keep your child busy and entertained for hours.

1. Family movie night

What is better than curling up with a blanket, your kids and a bowl of popcorn for a family movie night? You can turn your family room into your very own personal home theatre on the next rainy eve. Look for a movie which shall be enjoyed by the whole family. Settle in your sofa and enjoy the show!

2. Fort fun

Every kid loves making tents and forts out of blankets, cushions, furniture etc. We used to do these things too when we were little. It is almost like creating your own dreamland. When the next rainy day comes, you can help out your child in constructing their super fort in your family room. They will remain busy throughout the day with quiet and fun activities to play inside their imaginary castle.

3. Board games

Spend some value family time together with a simple board game. Whether you are resisting the temple treats in Candy Land, or snapping up real estate in monopoly, playing board games are an amazing way to spend a casual and restful day at home with your kids.

4. Rain sticks

Children can make this fun craft which mocks the rainy day outside. Collect crayons, a paper towel tube, masking tape, tinfoil, long pipe cleaner and dry rice. Have your kid decorate and color the paper towel tube. After that, tie the tinfoil to one side of the masking tape. Braid the pipe cleaner and fit it in the tube, together with the rice. Protect the other end of the tube with tape and tinfoil. Your kid’s rain stick is completely ready to make calming and comforting rain sounds!


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